Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me! -Summer edition

Wow! It's July 6th! And since the last time I posted many things did not happen that are very noteworthy and also chuckleworthy that I would like to tell you about. But I did not forget all of those things and so I am not trying desperately to remember anything funny from the last 3 months that I can share with you. I am not trying to do this simply because I love the new "Not Me" logo...

I did not get all the way through the check out lane and loaded back into the cart at WalMart with all of my prospective purchases and then realize that my wallet was at home. No, no, no- that was not me- because I might be in denial about how many previous times this has happened.
This does not happen on a semi-regular basis.
I also did not let my child lick peanut butter off of the table knife before, during, and after making PBJs. Sticking even un-sharp knives in children's mouths is not exemplary, therefore I do not do this-
on a regular basis.
My child was not found out on the balcony fully to partially naked riding her scooter, eating her lunch, shooting the squirt gun, or just yelling "HI" to everyone who happnes by. I am a mother who believes in decency and therefore I do not let, endorse, or encourage this behavior-
on a regular basis. No, Not Me!
I am not loving summer simply because it's warm, the pool is close, and the exceedingly delightful discovery that swim diapers can be rinsed, rung out, and reused. I do not pull off, rinse off, ring out, and put back on my delicate-skinned babies chlorine and urine soaked swim diapers!
No, especially not as the usual course of action! Not me.
Finally, I am not totally procrastinating absolutely all of my household chores as I write. This absolutely never happens on a semi-regular, regular, or dare I write-
daily basis. Nope. That is not me! Definitely not.

So, what aren't your habits?

And just for fun- some photo love- nevermind- it is NOT I who can never quite figure out how to upload pics to Blogger without wasting a bunch of time. ARgh! Not Me!