Saturday, May 31, 2008


Coming soon in January '09, another little Schro baby.

Jaycee is a big sister! kind of.

Jaycee is most excited about not being the only one that gets called random things, and having someone she can tell what to do, also known as bossing, also know as- being a big sister :)
Jordan and Katelyn are most excited about welcoming another brand new baby into our home to love, smother with kisses, and bring up for the glory of God.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


"Come here, Crinkler, time to get you cleaned up."

While this may seem like an odd phrase, it is frequently heard in our household. Yes, our daughter has incurred several nicknames during her short lifetime, one of the first and more appropriately dubbed being 'Crinkler'. This began way back when she was a newborn and while I would nurse her and read my Bible, she'd habitually reach back with her hand and methodically squeeze and unsqueeze the pages. Jordan recognized the trait and said, "Jaycee, you're just a Crinkler." She's been 'Crinkler' ever since. She literally has to be messing around with something all the time, if she happens to be found toyless in her carseat (inevitably because she 'crinkled' them all onto the floor), she crinkles her sun shade, her buckle, her headband, her shirt, or if all else fails, she can often be found twining her fingers in and out and slapping her hands together. It's chronic. When we put her in bed, accompanied with disappointed cries, even though she's so tired, she comforts herself by immediately reaching for the nearest blanket or toy and crinkles it. Her favorite, though is anything satin- she just rubs her hands up and down forlornly on the smoothness of her blanket until she falls asleep. It's cute, but it always causes me a little introspection as I watch this in my daughter. I here confess that my daughter gets it honestly from her mother;
I am a Crinkler.
While I don't bear the nickname, I fit into the category and now realize that my lifetime of rolling the sheets and rubbing them on my face when in bed, and jingling the keys, and shaking my leg whenever sitting, and countless other unconscious habits have been passed on to my daughter.

So, Crinkler she is, and while the nickname may not stick (I'm imagining a teenager loudly protesting at the ludicrousness of "Crinkler, time to eat"); she'll always remain a Crinkler, heretofore destined to worry her friends into slapping her legs still in church, annoy her husband as he's forced to hold conversations in the car over the sound of jangling keys, and pass on the genetic trait to her children.

But on to Jaycee's other nicknames: Crinkler goes pretty far back but not as far back as 'Sennacherib'. Yep, folks, I'm married to a chronic can't-call-anything-or-anyone-by-the-right-name man of my dreams. She (although we didn't know the gender yet) was dubbed Sennacherib in my womb by her affectionate father. He also tossed around the name 'option' of Kadesh Barnea, which is a desert near ancient Palestine. This is what happens when your husband is reading through the Old Testament during your pregnancy. While 'Sennacherib' can be heard on rare occasions in our household, Kadesh seems to hold its own. Just last night before picking her up I heard: "C'mere Kadesh". Now, I'm not at all opposed to nicknames and have come up with some for our daughter on my own, one of the first being "Beso", the spanish word for 'kiss'. But I think that sprung from "Jaycee Baycee", or just "Baycee" which got shortened to 'Beso', and is appropriate b/c she gets smothered in kisses and now knows how to give them back. Shortly after I began calling her 'Jaycee Baycee', Jordan piped in with 'Spacey Jaycee' which I immediately squelched b/c it sounds kind of mean. See, we do have some limits on this obsessive nicknaming. As her personality and life progressed, she continued to accumulate nicknames. Currently these are the most frequent:

Jayce- we knew this would probably happen and discussed it when choosing her name. We like it though and I think it's especially cute when her young aunts and uncles call her this


Jaycercise- this started the day after our sister-in-law was telling us about her Jazzercise workouts, classic, I know


Schnikey or Schnikeys

Baby- b/c of the lack of originality or weirdnes, you guessed it, I call her this most frequently

Louise- when she's in trouble usually, and often used as a pseudo-middle name. I even sway to this usage; one time correcting her in front of our friends when she threw food off her tray saying "Jaycee Louise" in that parental tone of 'you're in trouble'. Jordan thoroughly endorses this usage saying, "We don't need to ruin her middle name by just using it when she's in trouble." her middle name is most obviously too precious to stain it with a disapproving tone. her middle name is Jordan

Girly- her A. KaraLea and U. David call her this the most, and she is pretty girly

Gumba- read "goom-bah"

Little Buddy- only used by her father, actually most of these are, but I never call her this, b/c in my family "Dolly" was for the girls and "Buddy" for the boys, especially my brother Caleb, whose widely used nickname is 'Buddy'. it sounds a bit masculine to me.

Dolly- that being said, I do call her this often

Dolly Llama- this nickname was born shortly after the Tibetan leader (correctly spelled Dalai Lama) was all over the news, and yes, it came from me, but I'm proud of that b/c the large percentage comes from Jordan

Diva- she only gets called this when she's sporting the 'my way or the highway' attitude, which thankfully isn't very often

Loco Grande- while it is Spanish, I did not dub her this, it was you-know-who


Fish - usually accompanied with the article "a". "You're a fish" is often heard when she eats a lot. why? I don't know, go ask the nickname master.

Princess- but of course :)

Gucci has actually started looking at us weird when we call her 'Jaycee'. It's like she doesn't know what to do with it. She's so used to being called anything but... I don't even think she knows it's her real name.

No, I'm kidding, but truly, with all those other wonderful options, it's a wonder the word "Jaycee" ever gets spoken in our house. We don't need anymore over here, in fact the things Jordan and I get called is a subject for an altogether separate post, but feel free to tell me the nicknames that can be heard in your home. (G version, of course)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day, crawling, and pianos

I had an awesome Mother's Day! A really great Mother's Day, my first; well not really, but my first with a child outside of my womb. We spent Sat. night at my parent's, so we got to be with Mom T. in the morning, and during church. There was a wedding in Washington, which I always love going to b/c it brings back all those happy thoughts and memories, and just makes us rejoice for the blessing of our marriage. Later we spent the afternoon and evening with Mom S., and the whole Schroeder family, had a nice time relaxing and playing with all the kiddos. What a happy day, God is so good to us!
For my gifts, Jordan and Jaycee went shopping together on Fri. night and gave me a Beth Moore Bible study, sunglasses and these gorgeous flip-flops- they did a phenomenal job. But more than that, I'm just overwhelmed at his blessings, the love of my husband and baby, and how much I just love being a mom.
Well, for an update on Jaycee, we're going in for weight checks every other week and this last time, she had gained 12 oz. in two weeks! Praising Jesus for miracles always! She's just a busy little girl, her crawling skills are improving daily, she's so proud of the fact that she can go into the bathroom, open the cupboard where my hairspray and makeup is, get into all of that and make a royal mess. She loves it. Her latest skill though, is playing the piano, yes, she's a genius, not quite pounding out Bach or Mozart, but we're working on it. The other night, I was in the kitchen making supper and the whole time, she sat on that bench and just plunked and pushed buttons happily, I wasn't too worried about her falling off, b/c I was right there keeping an eye on her, and every time she got close to the edge, she'd just re-center herself. Actually, this is the trick I'm most amazed at, she has a pretty good sense of balance, and can adjust herself if she feels her body start to go forward. Her personality is blooming, and it's so fun getting to know her for herself, and training her to listen to our voices, and hear her little voice tell us what she thinks, I love all of her ins and outs, discovering her likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, she's such a part of us, but in the same breath, such an individual masterpiece of God's. I've been reveling in His glorious design and plan for all of us, and being so humbled at getting a glipse of His Father heart through being a mom.
So- to all of you mothers: Happy Mother's Day! May you be strengthened and blessed as you raise the most precious commodities on the planet; and thanks for all you do, and all you are!