Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day, crawling, and pianos

I had an awesome Mother's Day! A really great Mother's Day, my first; well not really, but my first with a child outside of my womb. We spent Sat. night at my parent's, so we got to be with Mom T. in the morning, and during church. There was a wedding in Washington, which I always love going to b/c it brings back all those happy thoughts and memories, and just makes us rejoice for the blessing of our marriage. Later we spent the afternoon and evening with Mom S., and the whole Schroeder family, had a nice time relaxing and playing with all the kiddos. What a happy day, God is so good to us!
For my gifts, Jordan and Jaycee went shopping together on Fri. night and gave me a Beth Moore Bible study, sunglasses and these gorgeous flip-flops- they did a phenomenal job. But more than that, I'm just overwhelmed at his blessings, the love of my husband and baby, and how much I just love being a mom.
Well, for an update on Jaycee, we're going in for weight checks every other week and this last time, she had gained 12 oz. in two weeks! Praising Jesus for miracles always! She's just a busy little girl, her crawling skills are improving daily, she's so proud of the fact that she can go into the bathroom, open the cupboard where my hairspray and makeup is, get into all of that and make a royal mess. She loves it. Her latest skill though, is playing the piano, yes, she's a genius, not quite pounding out Bach or Mozart, but we're working on it. The other night, I was in the kitchen making supper and the whole time, she sat on that bench and just plunked and pushed buttons happily, I wasn't too worried about her falling off, b/c I was right there keeping an eye on her, and every time she got close to the edge, she'd just re-center herself. Actually, this is the trick I'm most amazed at, she has a pretty good sense of balance, and can adjust herself if she feels her body start to go forward. Her personality is blooming, and it's so fun getting to know her for herself, and training her to listen to our voices, and hear her little voice tell us what she thinks, I love all of her ins and outs, discovering her likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, she's such a part of us, but in the same breath, such an individual masterpiece of God's. I've been reveling in His glorious design and plan for all of us, and being so humbled at getting a glipse of His Father heart through being a mom.
So- to all of you mothers: Happy Mother's Day! May you be strengthened and blessed as you raise the most precious commodities on the planet; and thanks for all you do, and all you are!


the traever said...

is this going to be your regular schedule? one post every two weeks? i disapprove.

Luke said...

Traever: You have NO right to disapprove of ANYthing on ANY blog until you actually start one of your own.

Heidi said... special to have your first mother's day! It kinda makes me a little jealous.

the traever said...

i would but i don't know how to work my computer machine

chocolate said...

Milk, Happy Mother's Day!! You make a wonderful mother. I always knew you would. I am counting the days until next Monday. I don't realize how much I miss you until I read your blog and miss your love for Jesus. I should call. I'll try to do that.

Love ya