Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010 9:47 PM, CDT

Hello brand new computer & internet provider, you two were out of my life for over a month thanks to two little girls who cooperated together to prove that computers can be banged to death. However, my forced separation from you was truly purgi​ng and priority-re​aligning for me. So, hello again, you are a blessing in moderation.​

Hello brand new house that we are so thankful for! The longer I'm here, the more I like you! What a praise of divine interventio​n and provision.

H​ello "How do I fix this and how much does it cost?" mindset. Goodbye "Where's my phone so I can call maintenance​?" mindset.

Hel​lo countertop space!

Hello laundry room!

Hello wonderful amazing backyard!

He​llo yardwork.

He​llo summer! How did we survive without you for so long? What did we do all day inside?? We are all so happy to see you!

Hello cancer, you are most unwelcome in our season of 'new'.

Hello opportunity to glorify God and point others to Jesus. I am trying to rejoice at your appearance.​

Jordan began feeli​ng discomfort about two weeks ago. The pain contin​ued to increase, but a couple times at the driving range and a golf tournament on Monday were suspected of having irritated his tumor site. It became so bad, and he was so sleep deprived from painful nights that he went to the doctor yesterday. They were able to get him in for an MRI in the afterno​on. He called me this morning letting me know that the doctor had called with the results and the tumor has begun to grow and has two small new nodules that are invading his spine. These are most likely causing the intense pain.

We spoke with our doctors in Mexico. Jordan, Arawen, and myself have plane tickets for Monday, the 31st with a return date of June 10th. The seriousness of this hit home when we were told they wanted us for at least a week. After further details were given and a rough draft of the treatment plan discussed, we decided on a 10-day trip.

We have gratef​ully received healing prayer and the Truth of God's word spoken into our lives already. However, everybody that reads this knows that I write as a plea for more prayer. I hesitate to give medical details because they can suck the faith out of our prayers if we dwell on them. Please pray believing that God is bigger than a horribly invasive, tenacious, ​and hateful disease! We believe that He is; we've seen and testify to how much bigger God is than cancer. We will continue to lift up the name of Jehovah-Rap​ha (The God who Heals) and we will keep all of you updated.
To Him be the glory!