Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 2:51 AM, CDT

We had a wonderful, time in the Ozarks. We were blessed to be Mom and Dad Schroeder's timeshare guest, blessed to be with Jay and Jackie, and blessed to have Kent and Jan's boat to enjoy. Thank you Jesus for vacation! The weather was nice. The place was excellent. The girls were good. The food was amazing. The company was exceptional. It was a blast.

Again, we cannot say thank you enough for all of the prayers you all have prayed, do pray, and will pray for us. It's an eternal gift and a blessing bigger than we realize. So, thanks for lifting us up while we were gone and continuing to be who you are- the Body of Christ.

We are so thankful for all of the prayers, notes of encouragement, material blessings, and hugs (cyberspace and in-real-life) we've received from our brothers and sisters in Christ.To all who prayed for direction and guidance in regards to treatment options- God answered in amazing ways (does He ever do it differently?)

We knew we needed the week to be away, but we also had a lot of praying to do and decisions to make. It took until about Thursday before we stopped pretending nothing was wrong and really buckled down; making phone calls, following different leads we had gotten and calling numbers people had given. On the trip home we spent a lot of time on the phone and God opened a lot of doors, confirmed, and allowed a lot of things to just fall into place. It was like dominoes.

Jordan called me when I was running errands a while back; I think it was the 3rd day after his first gut-wrenching chemo treatment. He told me he was done with chemo. He wasn't bitter, he was just matter-of-fact. I supported.

It's going to take a miracle of God for Jordan to live past 24 months. Does he really want to spend that time throwing up, losing weight, losing hair, and feeling incredibly ill? But are we really okay with not using any of the God-given resources available and not fighting this? I should say I hesitantly supported when he told me he wasn't doing any more chemo. I am not okay with doing nothing. But we aren't doing nothing. We're praying our hearts out; and prayer is huge.

Long story short, and many prayers later- we are traveling to Mexico next Monday for alternative cancer treatment. We're still learning the scientific technicalities but, basically this treatment regimen uses the pre-programmed disease-fighting cells in your blood to create a customized 'cancer vaccine'. They'll change his diet drasticallly, boost his immune system in every way possible, and create a climate in his body best suited for fighting cancer. And he'll still do chemo. But on a much lesser, body-destroying scale. He'll be getting it in doses that are about 10% of what his treatment would be here.

For those of you interested in more information, click here for the website. For those of you who like to look at pictures, click here for pictures of where we will be staying for the next 4 weeks. For those of you who pray, please continue!


Kirsten said...

you guys are pretty amazing. I Love you both so much and when I read this post my heart leapt with joy. You are all being lifted to the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Continuting to lift you all up in prayer to the Father who is the Healer.

Wendy said...

So glad you guys could enjoy your vacation! We are praying for you all the time and keep praying for your upcoming trip to Mexico and for Jordan's healing! We love you!!