Friday, March 13, 2009

My annual post :)

Ok, playing 8-month catch-up: After we announced that we were having a second baby like this:
(Look close, it says "BIG SISTER.")
at Jaycee & Timmy's first birthday party,
we went on vacation to beautiful California.
At the end of the trip, our daughter ended up in the ditch of "Scenic Route 1" along the Pacific coast. Yeah, we'll probably always call it "Carsick Route 1." If I ever lack for post inspiration I'll tell this story. It's a good one.
In August Jaycee had her surgery: she recovered like a champ and we give God all the glory for her big belly! :) She gained 7 pounds in 4 months and is now in the 60th percentile for weight instead of not even being on the charts! Praise God!
Jaycee learned to drive a big rig with her daddy this fall.
We dressed up as Whos from Dr. Seuss for Halloween.

Then we went & helped Jordan celebrate his huge kill! Jaycee warmed up to him pretty fast. Good thing, because his head now graces our living room wall. (the deer's, not Jordan's)
After she touched him,
she clapped for herself. We're really into cheering yourself on in this family.
All THREE of us girls continued to grow...
Then Christmas came around... it didn't take long for Jaycee to catch on to the whole tearing off the paper as fast as you can thing.

Eleven days later Arawen Joy Schroeder was born. January 5, 2009. Thank You Jesus for our second healthy little girl! Welcome to the world, baby girl. You are loved!
This is the very first picture of Arawen ever... very very cropped.

She weighed 7 lb. 12 oz. (as you can see)So happy to have her out!

Grandma T. enjoying her minutes old granddaughter.
Jaycee & Arawen meet. You better get used to each other, girlies!Now, we're a family of 4! I can hardly believe it.

As you can see, this is a very general overview of the last 8 months. We did other things in between. But we spent a LOT of time here

and here!


taryn said...

Loved the visual update!

the traever said...

i can't wait till next year's update!