Monday, March 30, 2009

"Not Me" Monday

For all of those who are about to read this post- before you do, please pray for MckMama's baby Stellan. His 5-month old heart is failing.

Monday! This is becoming my favorite day of the week. I get to remind myself of what a good mom I am & revel in this upcoming week that hasn't yet been harried, dirtied, disheveled, clumsied, or generally lived in. Yet. On the other hand, LAST week, well, that week got lived in & many things did not happen.

I did not call my brother and ask him where he was only to hear my husband's voice telling me he was right next to me. That was not me.

My daughter did not wake up in the 8:30-9 a.m. range every single day this week except the morning after I had irresponsibly stayed up 'til midnight. I did NOT drag myself out of bed, put a bowl of grapes & a granola bar in the living room & then go back to bed. Um, yeah, whoever that groggy-eyed zombie was, it certainly wasn't me!

Throughout the week, my nearly-two-year-old-rapidly-vocabulary-expanding daughter did not refer to me as "Babe." She did protest impatiently "Babe! Babe!" when I wasn't paying attention to her (which never happens). She did not call expectantly to me from the bathroom when she was done "BA-ABE!" I did not find myself yelling back: "I AM YOUR MOM! YOU CAN CALL ME 'MOMMY'!"

I did not throw all of the couch cusions onto the floor for an indoor jungle gym for Jaycee to play on. Jaycee was not half dressed. It was not super fun & I did not take a video of it. While videoing, I did not ask her what was on her bottom because I wanted her to talk about 'wonder' (underwear). She did not proceed to go through the rest of her bathroom vocabulary & I was not trying to keep my heaving laughter quiet so it wouldn't ruin the video.

I did not find myself explaining to my husband the difference between 'clean' & neat' when he came home from work one day & the house was a wreck but all of my carpet & furniture (including the cushions laid out on the floor) had been cleaned with a carpet cleaner. I am not very grateful to my good friend Jackie for letting me borrow it. After 3 days of going over every room in our apartment, I do not hope to be a proud owner of that thing one day! It also did not do wonders to a certain ketchup stain that did NOT happen.

I positively, absolutely did not become so engrossed in a radio program & my task of slicing oranges that I failed to notice my daughter trying to crawl up the front her highchair. She had not already placed her bowl of scrambled eggs & ketchup on the tray. The result was NOT a crying child with a highchair on top of her in the middle of a huge eggs & ketchup mess. I was not just 3 feet away! AND, I did NOT proceed to scrape up the eggs & put them back in Jaycee's bowl! AND I did not take pictures while she tearfully explained to me "faaaall." And there is most certainly NOT incriminating evidence against me!

We did not get to go see 2 babies yesterday. I did not forget to bring fresh batteries. Who does that when there are adorable, beautiful, gorgeous brand new babies to photograph? Not me! I did not have to take pictures with my phone and/or borrow some batteries so I could capture these awesome shots. I am NOT super excited to feature on my blog:
Adelai Aever Guingrich

(She & Arawen are 3 months apart & they are already best friends. They don't have a choice because I am NOT the kind of mom that picks her children's friends for them.)
The other amazing miracle we went to see AND I am not an incredibly proud aunt to is:
Jonah Ray Getz
I am NOT biased & I do not love this picture. This is not Arawen's favorite cousin because I am also not the kind of mom that chooses favorite cousins for her children. There also is NO reason that the babies featured here are photographed with my children. I do NOT think that a picture of a baby is awesome, but a picture of a baby & one of my children pretty much doubles the cuteness. I am NOT proud like that, and as said before, I am not biased. There is also no reason that only Jordan's arms made it into these photographs. That was NOT on purpose.


Heidi said...

I LOVE your not-me-Mondays. I esp love the pictures of Jacee with no pants on, and the eggs in the hair. SO funny!

Mary said...

Ohhh, my...I was laughing out loud at Jaycee calling you "Babe!" I'm afraid I can totally see Max doing something like that when he's older. Oh, and the couch cushion thing? I do it...probably a couple times a week. It's one thing I know Max will play on and stay out of the kitchen! (at least for 5 minutes) I love your Monday posts, too! :D

Janel said...

I just wanted to make sure you saw that you won my Baby Name contest!! Congratulations!! Please e-mail me with your address so I can get your subscription started right away. Thanks for the suggestions!!