Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thanks again for all of the prayers. The further we go we see God perfectly planning and answering them. When we arrived down here we felt a mighty rushing of God's peace that He had sent us down here. That first meeting with Dr. Rubio was so refreshing. Each appointment in the states the reports would get worse with little talk of hope and long life. Dr. Rubio said we would form a team with me, Katelyn, the medical staff, and God. He and his staff has encouraged us to pray often down here. Finally, a doctor realizing where the real healing power comes from.

I thought of the story of the twelve spies. God had told them that the land was already theirs. There were just supposed to go and check it out see what was there. 10 of them got back and said that we are not ably to go up against the people for they are much stronger. I feel like the doctors we have met with in the states have had this same attitude. They feel like there is not much hope. The staff down here seems like they have the Joshua and Caleb spirit. Let us go up at once for we are well able to overtake it.

The staff down here does not diminish the fact that I have a very aggressive cancer. They feel that God has given them wisdom to develop these alternative methods of treatments. Each time we have met with Dr. Rubio and his son they continue to stress the power of prayer and forgetting what the American doctors have told us. They have been really encouraging.

The treatment plan is diet, low dose chemo, radiation, detox, and vaccines. The food here is pretty good and most of it organic. The chemo is low dose so that they can control the side effects. I had some yesterday and I am hooked up right now as I type. For detox they do foot baths and they hook me up to a rife machine that sends out electronic pulses. They also use other methods for cleaning me out that I won't go into detail about. Yesterday they drew blood to test my levels and start prepaing my vaccines. They said all of blood levels looked really well, especially after having that big dose of American chemo. My vaccines will be ready the first part of next week.

I have been feeling pretty well. Yesterday I didn't have much of an appetite. Today it is much better and I feel like my energy level is already increasing. I can sense the prayers and can feel the treatments are already healing. The pain in my back is down to just a sensation once in a while. What an amazing God we serve!

Katelyn said she would post some pictures of my bald head so I will tell you the whole story. The early part of last week I was on my way to work and I ran my fingers through my hair, and more hairs than normal came out. Then I grabbed a clump of about 10 hairs and they came out with ease. I brought my mom's clippers home and had Katelyn give me a buzz. Then I scuffed my head putting my girls into the van and realized that it left about a quarter-sized bald spot. Then I put a hat on and took it off and took several hairs with it. So on Saturday afternoon we finally decided to just shave it all off. It was kind of sad at first but we ended up having a lot of fun with it. We did not know if I would have a good head for it but we found out that its not too bad. She used the clippers with no attachment and then shaved the rest a few times with a razor. It's starting to get tan down in the 85 degree weather and I think it will end up looking pretty good.

Once again, thanks for all the prayers. Pray that each treatment will work the way it is intended and that my body will fight the disease the way it was intended to. We love each one of you and are daily overwhelmed by love and blessings from friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Jordan. Your authenticity is wonderful! I pray for you often.
Kim Sauder