Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We just spoke with Dr. Rubio. Jordan still has cancer. In fact, he thinks that his cancer has been going on for 5 or 6 years. Five or six years of a deadly, bad-cell-producing, body-overtaking disease. But, Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift, the cancer in Jordan's body is dying. The mother tumor (in his pelvis) is losing the battle to the disease-fighting cells, and the baby tumors (in his lungs) are consequently being cut off from their life source and dying as well.

It's a little process oncologists like to call REMISSION. Yes, folks, you heard it here:


Thirty-nine days since the launch of this CaringBridge site and I get to write the word Remission? I am undone and overwhelmed by the love of our Father. We give all Glory to Him who alone is worthy!

There's still an internal wrestling match over numerous questions. But right now, all I can be is grateful and all I can say is "Thank You, Father!"

Thank You for being a miraculous God.

Thank You for giving us Your son.

Thank You for manifesting Your love to us through our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank You for being the Master Teacher and purifying and growing us through this.

Thank You Father, for this fire.

Thank You Father, for allowing us to glorify You in some small way.

Thanks for amazing parents.

Thanks for amazing family.

Thanks for two beautiful girls.

Thank You for bringing us together.

We love You. In all our imperfection, we still cling to our Abba and give You praise and thanks.

Miraculously grateful,

Jordan and Katelyn


The Mentors said...

I love Jesus! So blessed to read this, so happy for you, my friends. Come home soon so we can celebrate!

smw said...

that is SUCH wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news. still praying.

Tami said...

I'm sooooo excited for this amazing news!!! I will continue to thank God and pray for your family!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with you guys!! This is AWESOME!! PRAISE THE LORD!!
Love you both and I'll keep praying!

Kirsten said...

Praise Jesus, many tears rolled down my cheeks as I read through this, again PRAISE JESUS. What a wonderful way to end my day and know that I can go to the Lord with a joyful thanksgiving heart on behalf of my dear family!

Luke said...

Thanks for letting us pray and praise with you in this journey of faith God has ordained you to.

Anonymous said...

Praise God! We are so thankful to hear your great news! We love you! Kevin and Jolynn

Smileyface said...

You don't know us, but my parents are friends with your parents....and Mom shared your story and your blog....I have been following and I too had tears tonite. Because our God is so big and so loving......and still does miracles today!! And He is so into the details of our lives...He created us and is into every inch of us. Hallelujah for such a report! You guys are such a shining testimony of praising God in the storms!

PS. (I sat behind you in Bloomington church on Easter Sunday maybe? You have adorable girls!)

Anonymous said...

Praising our Heavenly Father as He has performed another miracle! Rejoicing with you and the good news! Continuing to pray for your precious family!

Taunya said...

Praising Jesus for His great miracle!!!! We have an Awesome God!! We are continually praying for you.

Kaitlyn I said...

I haven't gotten a chance to let you know I am praying with you and am rejoicing with the news of the way God is thwarting Satan's plan of discouragement, but I AM!!! Love you all and appreciate journeying with you through your experiences. Love and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Praise God! He is so big and so mighty! Still praying, Darren and Melissa Ulrich