Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010 9:08 AM, CDT

Dear Everybody,

Please keep believing in a miracle from God for us. We believe it. Jordan's body is racked by a ferocious disease. His breathing is labored, his oxygen is intensive-care-unit worthy. We're getting do-not-resuscitate decisions shoved down our throat.

We just got done crying out to God together. Jordan huffed his way through "God, You get all the glory from my body right now!" We are binding in the name of Jesus Christ this disease and releasing his power and life over Jordan's body today.

Please join us today!

Love, Jordan & Katelyn, Jaycee & Arawen


Marlys said...

We are Praying,Praying and Praying some more. Love you so very much

Nicole said...

Praying for comfort and peace

Daish said...

Praying with you!

Anonymous said...

my dear sweet young people to be facing such a horrendous disease at so young an age is so terrible...i am praying for your healing in gods name patti in canada

Anonymous said...

God Bless You!!! Praying for your complete peace and strength and understanding. You both are truly amazing in your faith. You have more prayer warriors than you will ever know, lifting your names to the throne.

rachel said...

Please heal Jordan. Please rain down your mercy on this family & cover them in your peace. Please place a hedge around them. Bind the evil one that seeks to devour them. We love you Father, and believe that you can do these things, but I ask that you help our unbelief.
Father I'm asking all of this in your Son's name. All glory to you Father.

smw said...

still here praying for you, as are the kids.

Anonymous said...

We are on our knees seeking God in your behalf...we pray for comfort and peace right now for your whole family

Anonymous said...

Don't know you, and I can't even remember how I came upon your blog...but quite frankly I don't need to know right now.
Praying for your entire family! Jesus please hold them close to you, only you are the master physician. Please heal his body Lord!